List of our Services

E-Marketing & Social Media

Unlike traditional marketing, Social Media Marketing takes a much more subtle approach because any activity in this arena must be catered to the community-based nature of the social outlet that it serves. An effective SMM campaign must stimulate interest and participation from its target audience without breaking the bonds of consumer trust.

"DesignJo" understands the unique challenges of the nature of SMM and develops strategies customized specifically for each client entering the social scene. SMM is a diversified domain and uses many platforms such as: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Reddit, Delicious, etc.


In this digital age, people think it's too easy to dismiss traditional advertising as an outdated media. We disagree wholeheartedly and will use tracking and response analysis software to demonstrate that traditional advertising still has a key role to play in your campaigns, especially that we provide you with comprehensive advertising services at the best prices possible. These services include: marketing research and consultation, promotions, branding and corporate identity, TV, radio, print, media planning and placement, brochures and sales support materials, video and audio production, and photography.

Web Design

When somebody visits your website, it has to offer them what they are looking for immediately, otherwise you are likely to lose that visitor and a potential customer. That's why you should hire professional people to provide your corporate website with the right design and content, in order to achieve your marketing and sales objectives through this online portal. Additionally, your website is your image to potential customers who visit it for information about what you have to offer. "DesignJo" believes this fact, and for this reason it has a team of specialists ready to give you the professional website you need.

Corporate Products

Your brand, corporate identity , and your product's image are your gateway to the minds and hearts of your current and potential customers. You need to strategically promote your company in order for it to be properly known and for your products to be sold. We have a comprehensive set of corporate products from which you can choose what best suits your needs and achieve your communication goals.

Multimedia Services

Multimedia is divided into two major categories: linear and non-linear. Linear active content doesn't need any type of navigation control for the viewer, e.g. a cinema presentation. On the other hand, non-linear content offers user interactivity to control progress as used with a computer game or used in self-paced computer based training.

At "DesignJo", we offer you complete multimedia services that cover both categories includingpresentations, 3D animation, flash animation, video applications, and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

Ninety-two percent of the online population visits a search engine, portal or community site every month, and top search engine rankings can generate up to 900% more traffic to a site, translating into up to 80% more in sales. That's a major reason you might want to consider when thinking about your website's visits. We offer you the chance to bring more traffic to your website, and thus increase your sales noticeably, because our SEO experts know just the right way to promote your website and increase its visits, in other words, increase your client base.

Business Development

Business development is all about attracting new customers and penetrating into more markets. For certain people, this process can seem easy to handle, it is! With "DesignJo" it even gets easier since our professional team applies the right techniques to bring your business more customers, such as: assessment of marketing opportunities and target markets, generating leads for possible sales, managing and writing formal proposals and presentations, and following up sales activities. Your business will literally be developed with "DesignJo"

Website Copywriting

Our professional web copywriting services are the solution. After analyzing your goals, we create content that informs, educates, entertains, and stimulates prospective clients to patronize your site. Thanks to our experienced copywriters, we can handle projects of all sizes and types, that cover all you need to say about your company, products, and services, so you can rest assured that whatever you want to say is heard right.